Double Queen Bedroom at the Coast Wenatchee Centre Hotel

Weekend Staycation in Wenatchee

These days we are all burning the candle at both ends in some way. So finding time to unwind is essential. Booking the time off is the easy part. Then comes the choices of where to go. Will it be someplace with cocktails with little paper umbrellas? Or perhaps a winter getaway in a cabin with a roaring fire? Maybe it will be none of these things. Who says you have to spend thousands of dollars on a vacation thousands of miles away? Enter the staycation. A wonderful concept where you have all the benefits and fun of a holiday away but within driving distance of your home. You don’t have to stay at home either. There are plenty of places to visit in your hometown. Wenatchee is a great example, especially with the Coast Wenatchee Centre Hotel nearby. Let’s look at just a few things to do in Wenatchee that makes a staycation a natural choice.


What To Do In Wenatchee

Mountain view in Wenatchee. For the “staycationer” who lives in Wenatchee, they need not look too far for some seriously fun things to do. This town is famous for its many hiking and mountain biking trails. Horse Lake trails combine with the Sage Hills area to add up to 20 miles of exhilarating scenery. Pack a lunch and head up to Saddle Rock trail for one of Wenatchee’s most incredible vistas. If you’re thinking of a more relaxing time in the outdoors, head over to Lake Wenatchee and enjoy some boating or swimming. Then there is always some great food and shopping at Pybus Public Market where there are over 20 year-round tenants that are sure to have what you are looking for. Who knew there was so much to offer in your own, backyard? Make your staycation extra special by booking a weekend at the exquisite Coast Wenatchee Centre Hotel in Washington.


Home Away From Home in Wenatchee

Aerial view overlooking the town of Wenatchee from the harbour side.

A staycation doesn’t mean you have to go home after a day of fun and adventure. Sometimes it ’s nice to have a change of scenery indoors as well. While camping is always an option for the outdoor enthusiasts, some prefer a little pampering after a long day of hiking. Wenatchee has some excellent hotels and inns for you to choose from. Coast Wenatchee Centre Hotel is conveniently located in historic downtown Wenatchee. Being at the center of activity gives the best of all this fantastic city has to offer. There are many shopping, dining and entertainment venues within walking distance and the hotel boasts a spectacular selection of wines from local vineyards. It’s even connected to the Wenatchee Convention Centre, which hosts a variety of conferences and events, via skybridge.

Whether you’re looking to get close to nature or to enjoy all that downtown Wenatchee has to offer, finding boutique hotels in Wenatchee is easy when you choose the Coast Wenatchee Centre Hotel.

So, if you live in Wenatchee and you are planning your next getaway, consider the staycation approach and treat your family to some adventure where you live. Book your staycation today!