Birds of Prey – Alberta’s First Privately Owned Raptor Rescue

Birds of Prey – Alberta’s First Privately Owned Raptor Rescue

Alberta is home to many beautiful birds of prey, and The Alberta Birds of Prey Centre is Alberta’s first privately owned raptor rescue organization. Working with the Alberta Fish & Wildlife Division, the focus of this organization is to rescue and release injured owls, eagles, hawks and falcons.

Visitors to the area consider Alberta’s raptor rescue to be a must-see place to stop by, and those who visit find the experience unforgettable. Between your nature hikes in Lethbridge, Alberta, make sure you stop by and visit this amazing place.

Hawk Walk

a hawk before taking flight

On the Hawk Walk, you will be able to walk along a pathway and experience seeing quite a few different birds of prey only a few feet away. You will be close enough to not only observe but take pictures of a variety of majestic creatures at various stages of training. Flying programs each day allow the birds to have plenty of exercise.

Spirit the Eagle

Spirit the Eagle is a popular bird to visit at Raptor Rescue

In 2007, a woman found an injured golden eagle by the side of the road and brought him to the raptor rescue to see if they could help. The bird’s eye was swollen shut because he had been shot. The vet determined that it would be too dangerous to remove the pellets from the bird, and since the eagle was almost blind, it would be too dangerous to return him to the wild.

The staff named the Eagle Spirit and gradually gained his trust. Sharing Spirit’s story is a way of spreading the message about the mission of the rescue center.

Wildlife Rescue in Alberta

a happy owl sits perched on a lap at Raptor Rescue in Alberta

Caring for Spirit and other injured wildlife can be costly, and the center relies on donations from the public to help. Most birds come to them from the Alberta region, but they are sometimes brought from the Yukon, Saskatchewan the Northwest Territories and British Columbia.

Their main aim is to work with and rescue birds of prey, but whenever other bird species are brought to them, these other birds are never turned away. The organization has been caring for rescued wildlife since 1983.

Visiting Alberta’s Raptor Rescue Centre

When you visit the Lethbridge area and go to the Alberta’s raptor rescue center, you will be able to have an interactive experience with a specially trained owl perching on your arm or shoulder for a photo. Live flying demonstrations occur about every 90 minutes throughout the day where you can see an eagle or falcon fly only a few inches overhead.

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