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Why Anchorage is Truly Magical During the Summer

Why Anchorage is Truly Magical During the Summer

Imagine stepping outdoors with a warm cup of coffee in hand and being greeted by mountains, vast forests, and rushing rivers. The air is crisp and clean as you breathe in and get ready for the day. In Anchorage, Alaska, every direction presents a stunning vista, and wildlife waits around every corner.

When you arrive, you’ll ask yourself, why did I wait so long to see this natural beauty for myself? Your Anchorage getaway promises to be a rejuvenating adventure that will mend the spirit. Summer in Alaska is especially stunning; the days are long, and outdoor activities abound. So let’s explore a little more about what the area has to offer.

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This is Alaska

Few places on earth are as abundant with natural beauty as Alaska. In summer, temperatures reach up into the mid-70s. Summer is the most popular season here, with numerous cultural and outdoor activities. In fact, anytime from May to September is a safe bet to schedule your trip. Summer brings with it the full bloom of nature in all its glorious Alaskan splendor. At the heart of all of this bounty is one destination where you can enjoy everything that Alaska has to offer—Anchorage.

Revel in the Midnight Sun

Most of us enjoy the longer days of summer; after all, more daylight means more time to have fun, right? In Alaska, there’s more sunlight in spring and summer than any other state and many other parts of the world. For the summer solstice (June 21st), residents experience the longest day of the year with 22 hours of daylight. The term “midnight sun” is not an exaggeration. Above the Arctic circle, the sun actually stays above the horizon for a full 24 hours. That is an adjustment for visitors who arrive late into Anchorage for the first time.

Wild Anchorage

For the wildlife lovers, Anchorage has an abundance of animals roaming free in and around the city limits and off the coast. There are many opportunities to see animal life including moose, bears, and beavers. Moose frequently meander along urban trails, with populations reaching nearly 2,000, depending on the season. You may even see some young moose as calves, usually born in early May.

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Bears come in two varieties in this part of the world: black bears and brown bears. Black bears are considered not nearly as dangerous as your typical brown bear, but it is never wise to approach either, especially if cubs can be seen about the bush. Expect to see bears fishing for salmon that have returned to spawn up Ship Creek, Alaska’s most accessible salmon stream which is in downtown Anchorage. Even bald eagles join in on the hunt and can be seen swooping among the trees with prey grasped in their razor-sharp talons.

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Anchorage is also a whale watcher’s paradise. Dozens of species such as Gray whales, Beluga whales, Fin, Minke, Humpback, and Orca whales can be found in the rich Alaskan waters. All can be seen on a guided wildlife tour by your choice of transportation. Whether by boat, helicopter, or plane, it is an experience that stays with you long after. Like the returning whales, you will feel a call to come back for another visit as well.

Take Hold of Summer by Rail or Air

There are many ways for the keen adventurer to take in the beauty of Alaska. While hiking or biking can get you a close-up and intimate experience with the region’s remarkable landscape, amazing views can be seen by train and from the air.

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The Alaska Railroad is just the ticket for a day trip or longer. There’s something both romantic and nostalgic about rail travel. The views are unparalleled from the comfort of a glass-domed coach with in-car dining. There’s a new vista around every bend. You can even plan your trip with train stops that allow for glacier hikes, float trips, kayak routes, and glacier and wildlife cruises.

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For the thrill of a lifetime, no other activity delivers on the promise of an adventure like a small waterplane trip over Alaska’s wilderness. When flightseeing, you’ll gasp at the sight of mountains and immense tidewater glaciers, winding and grinding from the snowfields. You’ll get to witness breathtaking areas of Alaska that aren’t accessible by any other means. A flightseeing tour will make your Alaskan vacation truly memorable.

Getting Up Close to Glaciers

Glaciers are one of the icons of Alaska. These enormous moving mountains of ice are everywhere in the state. Conveniently, there are 60 glaciers within 50 miles of Anchorage. The best views of these awesome titans of nature are from the air. However, to really appreciate their incredible power over these striking landscapes, you have to take a hike on one as well. The most accessible glacier in Alaska is Portage Glacier. You can also get stunning views of all 27 miles of Matanuska Glacier from Matanuska Glacier State Recreation Site. These are sights you won’t soon forget!

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Where to Stay

To fully enjoy all that Alaska has to offer, you need to plan for at least a few summer days. Coast Inn at Lake Hood takes every measure to make your stay in Anchorage comfortable and convenient. Warm Alaskan hospitality is more than just friendly service. Coast Inn at Lake Hood offers a wide range of amenities including:

● Free Wi-Fi
● 24-hour complimentary airport shuttle
● Complimentary parking
● Newly remodeled exercise room with sauna

king bedroom at Coast International Inn

For fishers, there is a large walk-in freezer to store your catches. Hungry from all your adventures? Guests can enjoy Pipers Restaurant & Pipers Sports Lounge. Afterward, take a stroll on the outdoor summer deck overlooking Lake Hood, the world’s busiest seaplane base. Coast Inn at Lake Hood is conveniently located near the Anchorage Airport and many attractions, including 1.5 miles from Earthquake Park and the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail System.

The adventure of a lifetime awaits in beautiful Alaska. Plan your trip now and make reservations with Coast Inn at Lake Hood.